Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day—if we’re very very lucky—he might even be a good one.
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Martin Freeman | Fargo Premiere

Benedict Cumberbatch | The 2014 Laureus World Sports Awards

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Think furnace with wings

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I watch Fargo for the plot

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I do so adore Martin’s crazy as fuck look he gives her here. Perfect.


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Aw heck.
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The Crocodile’s Dilemma | paradox |

A crocodile, who has stolen a child, promises the father that his child will be returned if, and only if, he can correctly predict whether or not the crocodile will, in fact, return the child. If the father correctly guesses that the child will be returned, the transaction will go without a hitch.

But a dilemma could arise for the crocodile if the father guesses that his child will not be returned.

If, in that case, the crocodile decides to keep the child, he violates his own terms; the father’s prediction is correct, the child should be returned. However, if the crocodile then decides to return the child, he is still in violation of his terms, the father’s prediction is falsified, and the child should not be returned.

There is no justifiable solution.

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The Pool beneath the Pines
Walter Boodle (British, 1862–1914)

Oil on canvas, 129.5 x 76.2 cm, 1897.
Victoria Art Gallery.

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Just finished watching Third Star for the fourth time,

I love this film so much and Benny is just absolutely brilliant

If you still haven’t seen it you can find it here:

Do yourself a favor and watch it. Like now. You won’t regret it, promise

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Cherry blossom in temple by kasa51 on Flickr.

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